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Millionaire’s Tart (1pc)

Millionaire’s Tart (1pc)

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Also known as the “Twix Pie” (based on the popular candy bar) and reminiscent of the much-loved Millionaire Shortbread—you can call this triple threat treat simply divine. It starts with a crisp, vanilla shortbread base. We then add a layer of the creamiest toffee you ever tasted, and top it off with a blanket of dark chocolate. The eye-catching, decorative touch is swirled white chocolate, signaling to everybody that it’s time for dessert. You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy this tart, but you’ll definitely feel like a million bucks while eating it.


SIZE: 10” (25cm)

WEIGHT: 850gm

SERVES: 8-10 portions

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