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Morning Buns (2pcs)

Morning Buns (2pcs)

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Forget that dry toast you've been calling breakfast! Imagine a croissant and a cinnamon roll had a love child, dipped it in butter, and sprinkled it with citrusy magic. That's a morning bun, folks! These pastries are flaky, buttery, and boast enough cinnamon sugar to make your taste buds do a happy dance. They're so good, I practically left my heart in San Francisco after my first bite at Tartine. But fear not, my friends, because you don't need a plane ticket to indulge. We've got these beauties fresh out of the oven every day, ready to take your mornings from meh to magnificent!  Nine mouthwatering portions come in a box.


SIZE: 10” (25cm)

WEIGHT: 800gm

SERVES: 9 portions

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