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Stroopwafel Cream Pie

Stroopwafel Cream Pie

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It is easy to see why we would make a pie out of Stoopwafels or syrup waffle.  And the Dutch classic treat is extra special if you get one fresh and warm off the iron.  Stroopwafel is a thin cookie shaped wafer that tastes like a sugar cone filled with caramel. They have an irresistible balance of sweet, gooey caramel on the inside and crispy and slight chew on the outside. We take the waffle cookie and soaked in milk and cream, then fold in cream cheese and whipped cream.  A thick caramel “stroop” layer is topped with toasted waffles cookie pieces.  Then we add another layer of light caramel cream and whipped cream with a hint of cinnamon. This creamy, crunchy luscious pie has it all; cookie, caramel, cream…we just need the coffee, the perfect accompaniment!

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