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We’re delighted to welcome you to PieCraft, the Netherlands’ most authentic American bakery. For us, making and enjoying delicious pie is a magical experience that we can’t wait to share! And while we’re at it, we’d love to tell you a bit about how this passion project turned into American deliciousness delivered straight to your door.


Hi, I’m Heather. After graduating from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, I founded HHDesserts in Atlanta, where I created wedding cakes, chocolates and pastries. I’ve been privileged to win over 20 gold medals in national and international competitions and have appeared on the Food Network, Cooking Channel and as a "cheftestant" on Top Chef: Just Desserts on Bravo. While all of these experiences were invaluable to me, it was as a child in my mother’s kitchen that I first fell in love with pie- making.

More than just mom’s apple pie

My mother and I made pies in the summer using fresh strawberries and peaches from our local farmer’s market. I loved eating and baking based on the seasons. My mother was a prolific cook and a lover of different cuisines. She showed me the understanding of where food came from and appreciating the moments spent together cooking and baking.

A soulful taste of home

After moving abroad in 2018, homesickness reared its head. I discovered the remedy: making and eating pie! It’s so nostalgic and comforting. That process of creating and baking is very tactile, fulfilling and soulful. To be able to feed people and bring them joy—for a chef, there’s nothing more powerful.

From Atlanta to Amsterdam

In the US, I was very much focused on intricate, high-end pastry design. You can check out some of our creations in our gallery below!  Although I enjoy the challenge of creating these delicate pieces, it was the simple delights of pie and other American baked goods that I most wanted to share with my adopted country. And that’s how PieCraft was born. 

Sweet staples of the American kitchen

PieCraft has American authenticity baked into its DNA. We offer classic items like sticky buns and cinnamon rolls, regional favorites like Southern Pecan pie (which has a bean filling unique to Southern traditions), and holiday staples like our best selling pumpkin pie. We strive to cover a wide variety of classic American favorites for every palate and taste. We listen to our customers and ask what they’re craving or what they miss from the states. They’re a huge inspiration to us.

Chef’s favorite

My #1 on our menu? The Chocolate Haupia pie!  My favorite birthday cake is Haupia cake, the same coconut custard filling as in the pie, sandwiched with white sponge cake and topped with whipped cream and coconut. I love tropical flavors and this pie covers all the requirements. And the best part: it whisks me back to Hawaii, my home away from home.


Hoi, ik ben William. A former pastry chef at the Michelin star Restaurant Chapeau and Duin and Kruidberg Country Estate, I’m a Dutchie through and through. But I fell in love with American flavors while working for Dobla USA. While enjoying lots of success with my creations in the Netherlands, (check out some of our work in our gallery below), moving to the US both broadened my horizons and my love of pastry.

Vlaai meets pie

Having lived in the states, I see the “melting pot” of American culture displayed through its diverse and ethnic food scene. I love the decadence and funky flavors of American pastries. Compared to a Dutch vlaai, they both have fruit and custard fillings baked inside yet a pie has a more flaky and crunchy crust.

A true American classi

The first American pie I ever tasted was sweet potato. Such an iconic, regional treat. I was so surprised at how good it was.

Even "proeven"

We love giving American expats a taste of home. But I also really get a kick out of sharing these amazing flavors with Dutch people who may never have heard of them. Like our rhubarb strawberry pie. Served with vanilla ice cream, it’s my absolute favorite!

And I can’t forget the first pumpkin pie of each season—it always gets me excited for the holidays.

PieCraft in 3 words and 2 languages

Uniek, vers en alle daags!
Unique, fresh and enjoyed every day!
The next ingredients

We’re thrilled to be able to ship our pies throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. We want to get as many American pies out to the people as possible! Next on the agenda is finding some Pie Ambassadors who want to help us reach an even broader audience and spread our love of American pies.

Do you have a taste for social media and delicious pie? Send us a message!

Heather and William playing in the kitchen