About us

A graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, Heather, had a wholesale pastry shop in Atlanta creating wedding cakes, chocolates, and pastries for 10 years.  She has garnered over 20 gold medals in competitions and has appeared on Food Network, Cooking Channel, as well as, Top Chef: Just Desserts on Bravo.  Through her extended consulting engagements, Heather met fellow pastry chef, William and together moved to the Netherlands in 2018.

William worked as pastry chef at the Michelin star Restaurant Chapeau and Duin and Kruidberg Country Estate.  In 2011, he also won the Design Award at the Dutch Pastry Cup and noteworthy, prepared the wedding cake for celebrated Dutch DJ Armin Van Buuren.  As Corporate Pastry Chef for Dobla Europe and USA, he traveled extensively throughout Asia, Middle East, and North America.

He currently works for a Dutch vegan chocolate company where conscious business choices have enabled both William and Heather to promote healthier changes not only in their personal life but through PieCraft.  It has cultivated a shift towards making and serving better products with cleaner ingredients and by offering healthier options more sustainably has impacted how they eat, think, and run their business.

Why pie, you may ask?  Pie is one of those staple desserts practically everyone loves, even the picky ones.  Pie evokes family, tradition, warmth, and memories of birthdays and holidays, gathered around the table, eating pie together.  William, having lived in Atlanta for 3 years, ate his share of pies which helped him to understand the strong and unique culture behind this perennial, regional, and seasonal favorite.  Through American expats and international foodies, they have realized how much the community loves their pies.  Cheers to home and hearth as they continue their core mission by simply making great seasonal pies!