Discover Wholesale Opportunities with Piecraft

Elevate Your Offerings with our Buns, Pies and Cakes

Piecraft is proud to offer our pies, cakes, and rolls to wholesale customers. Whether you're a small kiosk, restaurant, grocery store, or planning a special event, our products will delight your customers and enhance your menu. Our goods have a proven record of supporting many service related businesses! 

American baked goods are a hit in Europe, especially in the Dutch market. Piecraft offers high-quality, iconic treats that satisfy this growing demand. Skip the hassle of developing new products—our ready-made classics provide instant Americana that your customers will love

#### Easy Ordering and Collaboration

- **Simple Ordering Process**: You can place orders via email or chat. Choose from our selection of wholesale products, tailored to your needs.
- **Co-Creation Opportunities**: Looking for something unique? We can collaborate with you to develop a custom product tailored to your specific business and customer base.

#### Wholesale Benefits

- **Generous Discounts**:
- **Rolls & Buns**: Receive a 25% discount on orders of 10 cases or more. (Wholesale assortment)
- **Whole Cakes and Pies**: Enjoy a 30% discount on orders of 10 cases or more. (Wholesale assortment)

- **Flexible Delivery and Pickup**: We offer the convenience of delivery or the option for you to pick up your order. Simply provide a 2-day minimum notice, and we'll have your order ready.

- **Payment Terms**: For new business customers, we require a prepaid order. After the initial order, we offer a 15-day payment term, with invoices sent upon delivery.

#### Ideal for Events and Special Occasions

Our wholesale assortment is not just for regular business needs. If you're planning an event or simply have a large craving, our wholesale options are perfect for you. Enjoy the same discounts and flexible order options to make your event special.

#### Get Started

To place your order or to inquire about co-creating a unique product, please contact us at info@piecraft.nl. We would love to hear your ideas! We look forward to partnering with you and bringing the deliciousness of Piecraft to your customers.

Join the Piecraft community today and offer your customers our delicious baked goods and let’s thrive together!