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Apple Cranberry

Apple Cranberry

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Like our famous apple pie, this gem features New York-cultivated Jonagold apples—the ideal baking apple—spiced with cinnamon and lemon. But what sets this one apart is the tart and tangy goodness of cranberry. Forget that canned gelee that appears on Thanksgiving tables: these cranberries are fresh, with all the flavor and antioxidants that come with it. (See what we did there? Pie can be healthy!) Nestle all of it between layers of our flaky vegan crust and you have an apple pie with a little kick. Or, as one of our fans so eloquently put it, “an absolute classic.”


SIZE: 10” (25cm)

WEIGHT: 2Lbs (900g)

SERVES: 8-10 portions

Ingredients: apples, cranberries, Wheat flour (7%),
plant-based oils (Palm, sunflower, rapeseed), sugar,
cornstarch, lemon, cinnamon, salt

Apple Cranberry

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