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Southern Pecan

Southern Pecan

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Synonymous with holidays in the southern United States, everybody wants to hug the person who brings the pecan pie. We put all our love into this traditional crowd-pleaser, using pecans imported from the US to amp up the authenticity. A mixture of brown sugar, eggs, condensed milk, vanilla and mashed pinto beans complete the classic, for a deeply rich flavor that’s baked to perfection. For those in the know, you’ll be thrilled you found this delicacy on this side of the Atlantic. For the uninitiated: we’re almost jealous that you get to try it for the first time. 


HOW TO SERVE: For the best fresh experience, reheat @ 175˚C for 10-15 min.

STYLE: Traditional 

SIZE: 10” (25cm)

WEIGHT: 2Lbs (900g)

SERVES: 8 portions


Ingredients: Pecan halves (16%) , plant-based oils (Palm, sunflower, rapeseed), wheat flour, brown sugar, pinto beans, wholeegg, sugar, cream (milk) milk, vinegar, salt. Contains Nuts, May contain traces of other nuts. Contains Milk, Contains Gluten. 


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