Classic Pumpkin
Classic Pumpkin
Classic Pumpkin

Classic Pumpkin

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Before there were pumpkin spice lattes, scented candles and flavored candies, there was the one American delicacy that inspired them all: the pumpkin pie.  A must-have at every Thanksgiving celebration, pumpkin pie goes great with cooler weather, falling leaves, and family gathering.  And Piecraft’s version will transport you back to autumn in America, thanks to its spiced custard of eggs, cream, vanilla and specially imported Libby’s pumpkin purée.  Just try to resist the candied chestnut cream we’ve topped it with—-we dare you!

Style: Traditional

Size: 10" (25cm)

Serves: 8-10 portions

Weight: 1100 gram

Ingredients: Pumpkin puree (43%), plant-based oils (Palm, sunflower, rapeseed), cream (milk)wheat flourwhole egg, agave syrup, sugar, egg whitemilk, vanilla powder, salt. May contain traces of nuts and soy. 

Allergen information:

Contains: Gluten, Egg, Milk,

May contain traces of Soy and Nuts

Storage Advice: Keep refrigerated

Read more about this American Staple on: Pumpkin Pie on Wikipedia