Coconut Cream Pie
Coconut Cream Pie

Coconut Cream Pie

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Escape to the tropics with this cool, rich, triple coconut cream pie.  You read that correctly: triple. coconut. cream. pie.  Inspired by Heather’s Southern roots (Atlanta) and the Caribbean (the Virgin Islands) where she once called home, this is every true coconut lover’s dream pie!  Encased in our flaky vegan crust, a layer of soft coconut cookie similar to a macaroon is baked in, topped with a rum-spiked and vanilla pastry cream ( made with coconut milk), then crowned with a thick layer of coconut and mascarpone cream.  With a generous amount of toasted, nutty coconut and a sprinkle of lemon and lime zest to ramp up the yum factor, the coconut cream pie went from great to show-stopper!  Let the flavors instantly transport you back to the beach, sun, and carnival.  It definitely does for us!


SIZE: 10” (25cm)

WEIGHT: 1.2 kg

SERVES: 8 portions